Medical Equipment Sterilization Cabinet

Medical Equipment Sterilization Cabinet

Product description 1. Various types of hard soft endoscopes: Arthroscopy, cystoscopy, bronchoscopy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenoscopy, biliaryoscopy, laryngoscopy and nephroscopy; 2. commonly used thermal instruments, orthopedic drills, etc.; 3. A variety of plastic products: wire barrels,...

Product description

1. Various hard and soft endoscopes: arthroscope, cystoscope, bronchoscope, colonoscope, gastroscope, duodenoscope, choledochoscope, laryngoscope and nephroscope; 2. Commonly used thermal energy instruments, orthopedic drills, etc. ; 3. Various plastic products: wire barrels, trunking, heat transfer cables, etc.; 4. All metal, rubber, glass and other equipment; 5. Especially suitable for dental instruments and dental molds. Especially for those who are afraid of high temperature, humidity and corrosion of medical supplies: this disinfection cabinet is not suitable for disinfecting liquid objects.

main parameter

Sterilization time:15min
Interior size:245*150*400 mm
Boundary size:

300*230*470 mm

Packing size:560*370*280 mm
Weight:about 10kg

main features

1. Easy to operate, easy to install, no training, ready to use.  2. The disinfection efficiency is high, and the turnover rate of medical articles is multiplied, which is convenient for patients and increases the economic benefits of the hospital.  3. Excellent quality and durability. The components exceed the actual strength of the plastic aluminum plate and are not easily damaged during use and transportation.  4. It can withstand the long-term exposure of the UV light of its own configuration, and has no special requirements for the temperature and humidity of the operating room.  5. Made of recyclable materials, it is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

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