Quality Fund Ozone Bottle Cap Sterilization Cabinet

Quality Fund Ozone Bottle Cap Sterilization Cabinet

Product description During the course of biotic pharmaceutics, there is a high requirement for asepsis and heat-free source, accordingly there is also an even higher requirement for sterilizer. It is designed for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnological producing industries for sterilization and...

Product description

In the biopharmaceutical process, the requirements for sterility and no heat are very high, so the requirements for sterilizers are even higher.

It is designed to be used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology production industries for the sterilization and treatment of rubber stoppers, fabrics and instruments.

The structure of this series has a double-layer structure. During work, the chamber is filled with pure steam, while the jacket uses industrial steam. It has the two functions of vacuum exhaust and drying.

main features

1. Filter in-line sterilization

2. Filter integrity testing

3. The GMP validation port is provided for insertion of 16 temperature sensors for validation.

4. Pressure keeping inactivate system and inactivate system can be fixed according to the requirements of PIII, PIV lab.

5. The steam condenser is fitted in the exhaust/vacuum line to condense the steam before entering inside the vacuum pump.

6. The built-in steam generator is optional.

main parameter

Design Pressure




Working Pressure


Industrial Steam Pressure


Design Temperature


Tap Water Pressure


Working Temperature


Compressed Air Pressure


Heat Equilibrium


WFI/Pure Steam Pressure


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