Large Bottle Infusion Sterilization Cabinet

Large Bottle Infusion Sterilization Cabinet

Large Bottle Infusion Sterilization Cabinet Product description 1. In public places: archives management, libraries, hotels, restaurants, beauty salon, entertainment venues, the toilet and the indoor air disinfection purification of enterprises and institutions and family, etc., in files, books, documents, tools and other products have...

Large Bottle Infusion Sterilization Cabinet

Product Description 

Large-bottle infusion disinfection cabinets are used in public places: archive management, libraries, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, entertainment venues, enterprises, institutions, and household toilets and indoor air disinfection and purification, etc., in archives, books, documents, tools and other products. Has a disinfecting effect.

Main Parameter



Input voltage(V)


Ozone output(g/hr)


Input power(W)




Gas source

Dry clean air

Cooling way

Air cooling


304 stainless steel

Main Features

1) Use 304 stainless steel type material inside and outside.

Well-made, the shell and internal partitions of the disinfection cabinet are not stinging, and the cabinet body is 1.0 mm thick and weighs 50-100 kg;

2) Using high-concentration ozone generator quartz tube, high-concentration ozone, disinfection and sterilization, complete removal of ozone concentration of 100 mg/m3 or sterilization rate of more than 99.96%;

3) Time control: Disinfection time: adjustable within 60 minutes, automatic completion, high-efficiency sterilization, general items can be sterilized in 10-20 minutes to kill bacteria;

4) The ozone disinfection cabinet has sealing strips, ozone leakage, can work and disinfect;

5) Normal temperature sterilization clean room, used for sterilization and cleaning of electrical appliances, rubber, food, raw materials, and articles that are not resistant to high temperatures;

Effectively kill e. Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria are safe to sterilize without residue. Killing bacteria is a good helper;

6) Function, design PLC touch screen according to user requirements, single door, double door, double leaf, double door interlocking, transfer function and movable shelf or basket drawer for cabinet windows, design layer disinfection cabinet according to needs, convenient and humane Wait.


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