Direct Deal Pulsation Food Sterilization Cabinet

Direct Deal Pulsation Food Sterilization Cabinet

Product description 1.Medical devices: cardiac pacemakers,artificial hearts,dialysis machines,suction apparatus,commutative components of oxygenation,automatic suturing machine for operation,sutures,suture needles,artificial esophagus,artificial bone,artificial blood vessels etc. 2....


Product description

1. Medical equipment: pacemaker, artificial heart, dialysis machine, suction equipment, oxygen exchange parts, automatic suture machine for operation, suture thread, suture needle, artificial esophagus, artificial bone, artificial blood vessel, etc.

2. Endoscope: Laryngoscope, bronchoscope, esophageal fiberscope, mediastinoscope, cystoscope, urethoscope, thoracoscopy

3. Rubber products: gloves, fingertips, syringes, syringe needles, blood collection devices, infusion sets, urine collection bags, organ hoses, nasal tubes, catheters, suction hoses, birth control devices, etc.

4. Medicines: some Chinese and Western medicines, some cosmetics

5. Textiles and biological products: cotton fiber clothing, blankets, carpets, gauze bandages, cotton balls, cotton swabs, absorbent cotton, clothing types, towels, leather, fur products, etc.

6. Cultural relics archives: banknotes, bills, medical records, archives, letters, historical relics, silk satin products, animal specimens, etc.

7. Instruments: electronic equipment, optical instruments, telephones, etc.

8. Sanitary products: women's sanitary napkins, napkins, disposable sanitary appliances, etc.



main features

1) The whole set is heated by a hexahedral way to assure the uniformity of temperature. 
2) An independent auxiliary frame is adopted in order to install the equipment in separate rooms and guarantee the safety of use.
3) The whole sterilization process is monitored automatically throughout the process by the industrial control unit (ICU) a) With a friendly man-machine interface b) The sterilization parameter can be set random as the using situation c) Two operational modes,i.e.,automatically control and manual control are available d) Automatically control the EO to input temperature in order to assure the adequate gasification of EO e) Automatically record the information of sterilization process, and the data sheet of temperature,humidity and pressure as well as curve diagrams f) Automatically stop operation,produce sound & light alarm and words attention if any malfunction or technical deviation occurred during the process of operation
4) Automatically control the on/off of the door(translation type) and automatically inflating and sealing.
5) Machine doors:Easy to operate,usage safety

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