Custom Money High Pressure Cosmetics Sterilization Cabinet

Custom Money High Pressure Cosmetics Sterilization Cabinet

Product description * Air purification composite filter which has primary filter, activated carbon filter, photocatalyst filter. * Long service life, easy maintenance, convenient installation. Service life of UV lamp8000h. * Fast and effective sterilization of various bacteria and virus. *Air...

Product description

*Air purification composite filter, with primary filter, activated carbon filter, photocatalyst filter.

*Long service life, easy to maintain and easy to install. The service life of the UV lamp is 8000h.

*Quickly and effectively sterilize various bacteria and viruses.

* Aerodynamic disinfection, allowing people to live during work.

*Power off memory function

*Two working modes: sterilization and negative ion air supply.

Optional working mode: ozone air supply (BK-Y-600 and BK-Y-800 mobile air sterilizers).

*The screen displays regular shutdown, manual startup (remote control), automatic delayed shutdown and working time, etc.

* Adjustable high/medium/low air volume and wind direction.

* 24-hour timer function: set the time to turn the machine on and off.

main parameter

main features

1. Real plasma air sterilization advanced technology with patents  2. Killing rate of Staphylococcus albus ≧ 99.9%  3. Killing rate of Natural Bacteria ≧ 94%  4. 2,000-time faster sterilizing power than ozone  5. 180-time faster sterilizing power than ultraviolet rays (254m)  6. Powerful sterilization of viruses (Sterilizing pathogenic viruses)  7. Powerful deodorizing effect (Removing smell inside)  8. No secondary pollutants made  9. Dynamic and Harmless to the human body  10. Long life span and no need consumables

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