X Ray Energy-Efficient Capsule Inspecting Machine

The drug inspection machine is suitable for capsules and tablets. By pouring the feeder of the conveyor evenly into the rollers of the conveyor, the drugs are evenly poured into the conveyor, while the conveyor is turned over while moving, and manual inspection is performed to select unqualified products.

Product Description

      Drug Inspection machine  can be suitable for capsule and tablet, by adding it conveyor roller feeder even fall in conveyor roller, druges, at the same time alongwith fhe flip on the move, conveyor roler for artificial detectoion, picked out the unqualified products. 

The machine in accordance with GMP standard, check drug no dead angle blind spots, is the capsules and tablets agent appearance test, in order to achieve the ideal equipment for drug qualified.

           Medicine to be used

Inspection of hard/soft capsules, tablets and other round or cylindrical object


100000capsules/h, approx. 50kg tablets,

Depending on product & product size

                 Power supply

220V 50Hz




1400X650X1250mm(L x W x H)

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Inspecting Machine



        The machine can make capsules and tablets/pills drop evenly on the stainless steel conveyor roller passing through the feeder. The medicine opens the conveying roller and moves forward with the conveying roller at the same time. 

Then, after eliminating static electricity and manual inspection, unqualified products are selected, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the medicine and eliminating static electricity. It is an ideal device for checking capsules and tablets. Meet GMP requirements.

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