Vegetables Fruit Preservation Vacuum Food Freeze Dryer

Vegetables Fruit Preservation Vacuum Food Freeze Dryer

Freeze-dry (brief named Freeze-dry) is a stable process of material dried which will put the material contained with water to freeze to solid first, then make among them of the water sublimate from solid to air condition, removing water to preserve materials.

Product Description

     Freeze-drying (freeze-drying for short) is a stable process of drying materials. It first freezes the water-containing materials into solids, and then sublimates the water from the solids to the air, and removes the water to preserve the products in the solution phase through sublimation and desorption. 

After freezing, the solvent is reduced to a certain extent, thereby preventing the formation of microorganisms or the chemical reaction between the solute and the solvent, so that the product can be stored for a long time and its properties can be maintained.

Product Name

SED-20DG Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine



Cooling Water Qty


Condenser Type

Horizontal cylinder

Total Weight


Chamber Material


Defrost Mode Ting

Mist spray +Immersion defrosting

Refrigerant Filter (detachable)

Shell: China production: core America: EMERSON

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Vacuum Food Freeze Dryer

Vacuum Food Freeze Dryer

Vacuum Food Freeze Dryer

Vacuum Food Freeze Dryer


1. Stainless steel polished with excellent brands to ensure surface roughness to ensure sterility requirements

2. The cabinet, board level and hoses have undergone multiple process tests to ensure no leakage

3. The screw compressor adopts Blitzer refrigeration compressor, the performance is more stable, reliable and easy to maintain

4. The temperature and pressure of the compressor have multiple protection functions

5. Set up a suction filter to prevent stolen items and acidic substances from entering the compressor room, corroding internal parts and refrigerating oil.



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A:Certainly, We Have Made Video of Every Machine.

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