Mushroom Freeze Dryer

Mushroom Freeze Dryer

Freeze-dry (brief named Freeze-dry) is a stable process of material dried which will put the material contained with water to freeze to solid first, then make among them of the water sublimate from solid to air condition, removing water to preserve materials.Products at solution stage are frozen...

Freeze-drying (freeze-drying for short) is a stable process of drying materials. It first freezes the water-containing materials into solids, and then sublimates the water from the solids to the air, and removes the water to preserve the products in the solution phase through sublimation and desorption.

Products at solution stage are frozen through sublimation and desorption, then the solvent reduce to a certain extent, thereby preventing the formation of micro-organisms or chemical reaction between the solute and solvent that products can be preserved for a long time and maintained its nature.

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer


Product Name

SED-5DG Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine

Power consumption


Cooling water qty




Total weight


Chamber material


Geometry Box

Horizontal barrel type


1. Stainless steel is polished with excellent brand to ensure surface roughness to ensure sterility requirements 2. 3D design, consistent with CGMP requirements of complete sterilization. 3. Cabinet, board level, and hose are tested after multiple procedures to ensure without leakage 4. Germany imported automatic welding machine is the best guarantee for the quality of the products you

Freeze DryerFreeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

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