Mini Freeze Dryer

Mini Freeze Dryer

Freeze dryer is mainly used in pharmaceutical and biological fields.Accept fluid, bulk type and raw material in vials.We scientifically design and provide freeze dryer capacity ranging from 0.1 square meters for small test models to 200 square meters for large industrial models.Please contact us...

Freeze dryers are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and biological fields, and can accept liquids, bulk types and raw materials in vials. 

We scientifically design and provide freeze dryer capacity, from 0.1 square meters for small test models to 200 square meters for large industrial models. Please contact us to provide the best solution for your freeze drying project.

Freeze Dryer


Integrated structure design. Cylindrical or rectangular freeze dryer chamber is optional. AISI 304 material ensures the quality of dried products. 316L stainless steel is optional. The semi-hermetic piston compressor without CFC can cool the condenser to -80ºC and the shelf to -50ºC.

For the hollow shelf filled with liquid, the temperature is raised by an electric heater. During the sublimation process, the shelf temperature can be programmed from -50ºC to +70ºC with an accuracy of ±1ºC. 4 high-sensitivity temperature probes can monitor the temperature data of raw materials. Edwards or Leybold vacuum pump is optional, and the final vacuum of the system is 1Pa. Inert gas charging function.

Full-color touch screen controller with LYO-CONTROL:

1. Fully automatic work and manual work selection.

2. Real-time display of shelf/material/condenser temperature and vacuum degree.

3. Real-time display of the working status of parts. The total working time of the system and the working time of each freeze-drying step.

4. Create and store 32 recipes, each recipe contains up to 36 steps. Each step can set the shelf temperature/time, and can also set the primary and secondary drying vacuum.

5. Real-time display of freeze-drying curve, historical drying curve/data, USB port can be used to export data to U disk.

6. Sound alarm, if any failure occurs, the fault location will be displayed on the screen.

7. Combining PID algorithm with PLC module, the drying process can save energy up to 30%. The valve pneumatic system (vacuum pump/condenser defrosting/vacuum release/inert gas feeding) quickly moves. The patented steam guide technology and ice condenser design strongly ensure the ice condenser's freezing efficiency and capacity. Hydraulic plug system. CIP, SIP, PC/mobile connector, and data logger are optional.



lyophilizer price



Power consumption


Cooling water qty



Compressed air


Defrost water consumption


Chamber design temperature


Shelf total usable area


3-5ml vials capacity

13000 bottles



Total weight


Whole volume


Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

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