Industrial Freeze Dryer

Industrial Freeze Dryer

Freeze-drying machine is suitable for laboratory or pilot scale freeze-drying experiments.This series of products are the patent products of our company.The series of drying machines are equipped with electric heating rack, and the freeze-drying process is completed in the same place.It changes...

The freeze dryer is suitable for freeze-drying experiments in laboratory or pilot scale. This series of products is our company's patented product. This series of dryers are equipped with electric heating racks. The freeze-drying process has changed the traditional complex operation and prevented Product contamination.

It is not only suitable for freeze drying of conventional materials in bulk (liquid, paste and solid), but also for drying vials. When the product is ready to be freeze-dried, the materials are packaged in vials and dried as required. After the operation, the tight cover of the capping device is dried to avoid secondary pollution, re-absorb water, and easy to store for a long time.

Freeze Dryer


1. With electric heating rack and PID control standard, with programmable function

2. 16 programs can be stored, each program can be set to 32 segments

3. LCD display and record the drying curve

4. Provide a manual stopper to complete the vacuum sealing of the vial.

5. RS232 interface is optional, computer connection to display freeze-drying curve

6. The inlet valve with nitrogen is optional

7. Eutecticpoint test equipment is optional



3 square meters



Power consumption


Cooling water qty



Compressed air


Defrost water consumption


Chamber design temperature


Shelf total usable area


3-5ml vials capacity

13000 bottles



Total weight


Whole volume


Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer

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