Industrial Freeze Dryer Price

Industrial Freeze Dryer Price

Freeze-dry (brief named Freeze-dry) is a stable process of material dried which will put the material contained with water to freeze to solid first, then make among them of the water sublimate from solid to air condition, removing water to preserve materials.Products at solution stage are frozen...

Lyophilization (abbreviated as lyophilization) is a stable drying process.In this drying process, a substance containing moisture is first frozen into a solid, and then the water in it is sublimated into an air-conditioned form to remove moisture-preserving substances.In the solution phase, the product is frozen by sublimation and desorption, and then the solvent is reduced to a certain extent, thereby preventing the formation of microorganisms or the chemical reaction of the solute with the solvent.This product can be stored for a long time, to maintain product performance.

Vacuum freeze-drying is a process of liquids, solids and gases.In the freeze-drying process, the liquid bridge between the solution particles is frozen into a solid bridge.The relative position of the particles is fixed, there is no surface tension between the gas-liquid interface between the two particles.With the continuous distillation of the solvent, the solid bridge continues to decrease, but the relative position between the two particles no longer change until the solid bridge completely disappeared.


  1. Stainless steel polished, high quality brand to ensure surface roughness and Sterility requirements

  2. 3D design, in line with CGMP complete sterilization requirements.

  3. Special parts of the door seal to avoid water retention in the CIP/SIP process

  4. Boxes,panels and hoses are tested through a variety of procedures to ensure no leaks

  5. The outlet is provided with a liquid level sensing probe and an intrusion prevention device

  6. Mushroom valve ball surface smooth and easy to clean;

  7. Mushroom valve can be closed by adjusting the valve to prevent excessive pressure

  8. Mushroom valve in the opening and closing of the feedback signal, you can really understand the working status

  9. Mushroom valve plate flange after two processing, high sealing performance, high precision, completely prevent leakage.




Power consumption

Around 33kw

Cooling water qty


Compressed air

≥0.1m3/min (P=0.5-0.8Mpa)

Steam consumption (sterilization)



Integral(Rectangular box dry +Mushroom valve+Rectangular cold trap)

Steam consumption (Defrost)


Chamber design pressure

0.16mbar/-0.1 mbar

Chamber design temperature


Chamber Vacuum leak rate

0.005 Pa.m3/sec

Total usable area of shelves

5.67 ㎡

Maximum water fishing


Temperature of lamellar

Highest temperature of shelf ≤+80℃

Lowest temperature of shelf ≤-55℃

Shelf heating rate (no load)


The number of shelf

7+1 (Compensation Board)

Shelf spacing


Shelf dimensions


Cabinet design pressure

0.16 Mpa /-0.1Mpa

Tank design temperature


Machine size (L×W×H)


Final dimension based on design

Total weight


Model Num.


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