Freeze Dryer Vacuum

Freeze Dryer Vacuum

Freeze Dryer Vacuum Product description Vacuum freeze dryer is currently the most advance dehydrating processing technology in the world,the freeze dried food will not only can keep original shape,taste and fresh but also can be stored for a long time and easy transportation.It is widely used in the field of vegetables, fruits,...

Freeze Dryer Vacuum

Product description

The vacuum freeze dryer is currently the world's most advanced dehydration processing technology. The freeze-dried food can not only maintain the original shape, taste and freshness, but also can be stored for a long time and is easy to transport. It has been widely used in this field. Vegetables, fruits, spices, aquatic products, biological products, medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, beverages and chemicals, etc.

We have vacuum freeze dryers with an area ranging from 0.5 square meters to 200 square meters, which can be customized according to customers' production needs.

Freeze Dryer Vacuum


·gentle drying by reducing the boiling point

·continuous, automated process ·fast drying

· low product temperature

·low loss of aroma

·very good water solubility of end products

·very good instant product properties

·We also can free design and produce as your circumstances





Conductive, all in one

Ice Capacity (kg)

300kg in a 24hr period (vapor condensercapacity)

Vapor Condenser Temperature (℃)

-45℃ (option: -60℃)

Usable Shelf Area (m2)

30 m2

Number of Shelves

13+1, the top plate provides radiant heat only

Shelf Dimension (mm)

2100*1100mm (thickness: 15mm) SUS304

Shelf Spacing (mm)


Shelf Temperature (℃)

-25℃ to 70℃ (option: -45℃ to 70℃)

Shelf Cooling Rate (+40℃ to –25℃)

≤ 60 minutes

Shelf Heating Rate (℃/min) (approx.)

1℃/min, By electricity

Heating/cooling medium

Silicone oil

Heating/cooling exchange

By plate type of heat exchanger

Number of Product Trays

78 pieces

Tray Dimension (mm)

550*700mm (height: 25mm) SUS304

Ultimate vacuum level (Pa)

5 Pa

Chamber vacuum rate (atm to 100 Pa)

≤ 20 minutes


Standard: Xueying/Xuemei,



Cooling way

By water cooling or air cooling as option

Cooling water flow rate

30-35t/hr, <28℃

Vacuum system

Standard :Yoivac

Energy consumption (24hr)

2.65kWh/kg by water cooling

Power requirement

41.3kw, 110-240V single, 240-480V, 3P, 50/60Hz

Defrost way

By water or 60°C hot water

Control system

PLC with HMI

Installation area (m2)

50 m2

Chamber – over all dimension

4000*2050*2250mm (L*W*H), SUS304

Weight (kg)


Freeze Dryer Vacuum

Freeze Dryer Vacuum

Freeze Dryer Vacuum

Freeze Dryer Vacuum

Freeze Dryer Vacuum