Vacuum freeze-drying Machine

Vacuum freeze-drying Machine

Freeze-dry (brief named Freeze-dry) is a stable process of material dried which will put the material contained with water to freeze to solid first, then make among them of the water sublimate from solid to air condition, removing water to preserve materials.Products at solution stage are frozen...

Freeze-drying (freeze-drying for short) is a stable process of drying materials. It freezes the water-containing materials into solids, and then sublimates the water from the solids to the air, removing the water to preserve the materials.

The vacuum freeze drying method is a liquid solid gaseous process. During the freeze-drying process, the liquid bridges between the solution particles have been frozen into solid bridges.

Vacuum freeze-drying Machine


380V/50HZ,three-phase and five-wire system

Total Power


Cooling method

Air-cooled (room temperature ≤ 25 ℃)



Chamber design pressure


Chamber design temperature


Chamber Vacuum leakage rate

0.025 Pa.m3/sec

Total usable area of shelves


Maximum water fishing


Temperature of shelf

Highest temperature of shelf≤+80℃

Lowest temperature of shelf≤-55℃

The number of shelf

9+1 (Compensation Board)

Shelf spacing


Shelf dimensions

600 mm×1000mm

Condenser design pressure


Machine size (L×W×H)

3000mm×2000mm×2000mm Final dimension based on design

Dry chamber and Condenser: D=φ1300mm L=2000mm

Total weight


Model Num.



1. Fully automatic operation from pre-freezing state-first drying-second drying-end recognition-automatic capping-automatic pressing-automatic defrosting-automatic closing.

2. The dual protection design protects the product and the safety of the machine based on the machine running due to operating errors.

3. Standard product product temperature ≤ -55 ℃ cold trap temperature ≤ -75 ℃ vacuum degree ≤ 1Pa.

4. Modular products are more professionally maintained through system configuration and modular manufacturing.

5. At the end of the secondary drying, it has the end point discrimination function. The program automatically enters the end point discrimination after confirming the dried product, prompting to enter the next step.

Vacuum freeze-drying Machine

Vacuum freeze-drying Machine

Vacuum freeze-drying Machine

Vacuum freeze-drying Machine

Vacuum freeze-drying Machine

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