Vegetable Fruit Plant Vacuum Drying Machine

Pure water has the highest evaporation speed under boiling condition. At normal pressure, pure water starts to boil at the temperature of 100℃, under vacuum condition, as vapor pressure in the system is lower than that of material surface, boiling point of water is under 100℃,e.g.

Product description

Under boiling conditions, pure water has the highest evaporation rate. Under normal pressure, pure water starts to boil at 100°C under vacuum, because the vapor pressure in the system is lower than the vapor pressure on the surface of the material, and the boiling point of water is below 100°C, for example. 

When the surface is 0.07MPa, water will boil at 70°C, the higher the vacuum pressure, the lower the boiling point. In the vacuum dryer, the evaporated water can be quickly removed by the vacuum system. Therefore, although the dryer is at a lower working temperature, it has a greater drying capacity.

During the operation of the equipment, the material is in a static condition, which helps to maintain the initial state of the material. Intermittent operation can adjust the process conditions at any time.

On the top of the FZG series dryer, a heating system is installed to solve the problem of condensate backflow. In addition, an air suction device is installed on the side to improve drying efficiency.

This equipment can be used for low-temperature drying and solvent recovery. The heat source can be steam, hot water or heat transfer oil.

It is especially suitable for materials that are easily oxidized during the drying process.

Vacuum Drying Machine

Main parameter



Key Selling Points

Energy saving










Vacuum Drying 


Working pressure

Less than 0.4

Main features

It can get higher drying speed at lower temperature and the heat energy can be used fully.

It can dry at low temperature or can dry heat sensitive raw materials.

It can dry raw materials that contain solvent and the solvent needs to recover.

Before drying, it can carry out disinfectant treatment. During the period of drying, any impurity can't enter in it. The dryer belongs to static vacuum one, the shape and volume of raw materials can't be damaged.

Vacuum Drying Machine

Vacuum Drying Machine

Vacuum Drying Machine

Vacuum Drying Machine

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