Low Temperature Vacuum Microwave Fruit Drying Machine

This machine is suitable for low temperature dry of thermal sensitive materials, especially for sold Chinese medicine, honey, bee products, etc.

Product description

This machine is suitable for low-temperature drying of heat-sensitive materials, especially for drying Chinese patent medicines, honey, bee products, etc. 

This equipment has adjustable vacuum and fast drying speed, which can improve product quality and achieve the same performance. 

Heating, easy to control, easy to install and other advantages. It is widely used for heat sterilization, tearing of medicines, biological products and molded products. 

Fruit Drying Machine

Main parameter

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fruit Drying Machine

Material Structure:

Stainless Steel

Material Structure

Stainless Steel

Monitoring System



Button or Touch Screen (Optional)

Vacuum Rate


Main features

1. High efficiency: The processing speed is four times that of normal drying processing.

2. Uniform heating: This machine uses microwave heating, and the inside and outside of the raw materials are heated at the same time. Then heating and drying will be very uniform.

3. Easy to control: Because of the microwave heating, the machine can work continuously. Moreover, the power of the microwave is easy to adjust without any inertia, so the processing is easy to operate and easy to control. All the microwave data can be set through the touch screen.

4. Disinfection: Microwave equipment always has the functions of disinfection, heating fat and cleaning. Therefore, the finished product has a higher quality and a longer storage time.

5. The machine comes with a camera for production monitoring.

Fruit Drying Machine

Fruit Drying Machine

Fruit Drying Machine

Fruit Drying Machine

Fruit Drying Machine

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