H2O2 High Pressure Dry Fog Sprayer

The spray process is accomplished by diffusion of dry fog into the area to be sterilized. When the average diameter of a droplet is less than 10 microns, the ejected fog can be called dry fog.

Product description

The spraying process is accomplished by spreading dry mist into the area to be disinfected. When the average diameter of the droplets is less than 10 microns, the sprayed mist can be called dry mist. The water droplets will bounce off the wall without breaking and sticking to the surface. 

And it has been established to meet all the conditions that hydrogen peroxide can effectively move to designated areas in the form of vaporization, which determines their ability to move to areas that are usually difficult to reach.

The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer uses an appropriate amount of hydrogen peroxide mist to moisten the surface environment, and controls the size of the atomized droplets to 3-5 m. 

Through the Brownian motion diffusion, the fine droplet-like particles in the air are fully contacted with the surface And maintain its concentration within the specified time to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization of the space environment.

High Pressure Dry Fog Sprayer

Main parameter

Power Supply

220V ± 22V / 50Hz ± 1Hz



Inpouring Speed

80m / second

Spray Volume

1000ml / 70mins

Decontamination room size

10~300 m³

Filtration Efficiency


Decontamination Rate

SAL ≤10-6

Droplet Dimension

3 ~ 5µm

Main features

Dry droplets will not settle and move irregularly

Dry droplets do not aggregate together to produce large droplets

The dry droplets bounce off the surface and fail to break, wetting the surface.

products designed according to the principle venturi,dry fog particle size is controlled at the same level, reducing the risk of condensate formation. 

It can effectively reach all areas where you want to clean, dry atomization effect of 5 microns.High Pressure Dry Fog Sprayer

High Pressure Dry Fog Sprayer

High Pressure Dry Fog Sprayer

High Pressure Dry Fog Sprayer

High Pressure Dry Fog Sprayer

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