Batch Powder Fluid Bed Dryer

The powder granule in fluid bed appears in the state of fluidization. It is preheated and mixed with clean and heated air.

Product description

1.Drugs granulation and coating

2.Granulation: Tablet particles, granule particles, capsule particles

3.Coating: particles, pill covers, color-prepared, slow-release, films, enteric coating

4.Food granulation and coating Granulated sugar, coffee, cacao powder, cream, juice powder, amino acids, sauce, puffed food

5.Pesticide, paint pigment, dry granulation Powder, granules, block materials

The fluidized bed drying equipment has the following specific characteristics. The drying equipment is suitable for drying bulk materials without agglomeration.
The particle diameter can range from 30um-6um. The drying equipment has a simple structure and large production capacity, ranging from tens of kilograms per hour. To 400,000 kg; the thermal efficiency is about 70%, for removing the bound moisture in the material, the thermal efficiency is about 30%-50%, and the volumetric heat transfer coefficient can reach 2326-6978W/(m?.℃); the material is flowing The residence time in the fluidized bed is related to the structure of the fluidized bed. If the design is reasonable, the residence time of the material in the fluidized bed can be arbitrarily extended.
The disadvantage is that the resistance of hot air through the distribution plate and the material layer is relatively large, generally about 490-1470Pa. The energy consumption of the blower is large. For single-layer fluidized bed drying equipment, the materials are in a completely mixed state in the fluidized bed. Some materials from the feeding port to the discharging port may short-circuit and fly directly to the outlet, resulting in uneven drying of the materials. In order to improve the uniformity of material drying in the fluidized bed, fluidized beds with different structures are generally used. Such as single-layer fluidized bed, horizontal multi-chamber fluidized bed, multi-layer fluidized bed, etc. with baffle structure to control material short circuit.


Main parameter



Volume (L)


Amount to be treated (kg/per time)


Power of fan (kw)


Consume of steam 0.4MPa(kg/h)


Consume of compressed air   (m3/min)


Main features

1.By using powder granulation, to improve the liquidity and thinner dust.

2.By using powder granulation, to improve solubility property.

3.Mixing—granulation—drying can be finished in one device (one-step granulation)

4.To adopt antistatic filtering mediums, to ensure safe operation.

5.Caking agent atomizer adopts multi-fluid spray gun to maintain uniform spray particles and to increase the rate of qualified products greatly.

6.No dead-corner of equipment; it is easy and rapid of feeding or discharging materials and clean of washing to satisfy the GMP standard.