Tdp 1.5 Tablet Press Machine

Tdp 1.5 Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Press Machine is a double press automatic rotation can be equipped with force-feeding system for shape-pressing equipment, which have the function of press the grains material to be round or irregular shape tablets, such as candy, calcium tablets double-sides with letter printing and etc....

Tablet press is a kind of double pressure automatic rotation can be equipped with shape-pressing Infusion System Equipment, has the function of press round or irregular shape of granular material tablet, such as candy, calcium tablets double-sided letter printing, etc., widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food,electronics, plastic powder metallurgy and so on.


1. This machine is made of fully enclosed stainless steel, turntable surface polishing to prevent cross contamination, in line with GMP standards.

2. With plexiglass perspective window, can observe the production of tablets.Each perspective window can be fully opened for easy cleaning and maintenance.

3. Imported frequency control, with electromagnetic clutch.

4. The transmission system is equipped with a fuel tank, oil operation, heat dissipation and easy to wear.

5. At the same time equipped with a dust collector, to avoid dust emissions, and can be recycled, saving dust


Stations (unit)


Thickness of the die (mm)


Maximum compression (KN)


The diameter of the circle of the central pitch of upper &lower punches on the turret


Max. Diameter of tablet to be produced (mm)


Rotary speed of the turret (rpm)


Max. Filling depth (mm)


Capacity of the tablets


Max. Thickness of tablet (mm)


Area to occupy (mm2 )


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