Pill Press Tablet Press Machine

Pill Press Tablet Press Machine

rotary tablet press is a two color tablet press (double film press) used to press granular material into a variety of plain and special-shaped pieces. Mainly used in electronics, food, daily necessities, pharmaceutical and other industrial department, outside the enclosure for all closed,...

The rotary tablet press is a two-color tablet press (double film tablet press), which is used to press granular materials into various flat and irregular tablets. Mainly used in electronics, food, daily necessities, pharmacy and other industrial sectors, all enclosed stainless steel materials outside the housing, comply with GMP standards. 

Equipped with a transparent observation window, you can clearly see the work of the machine, and it can be opened all the time, making it easy to clean and maintain the interior.

Tablet Press Machine


1. The lid is made of closed stainless steel. The inner surface of the tablet is also coated with stainless steel material, which can maintain the surface gloss and prevent cross-contamination, which meets GMP requirements.

2. Equipped with plexiglass see-through window, which helps to observe the state of pressing. The side baffle can be fully opened, which is easy to clean and maintain.

3. All monitors and operating components are in good condition.

4. Use frequency conversion speed control device for ESC. Easy to operate, stable rotation, safe and correct.

5. Equipped with overload protection device. When the pressure is overloaded, the machine will automatically stop.

6. Electric combination machine, equipped with touch keys and screen.

7. The first type uses semi-automatic lubrication equipment and plexiglass dust cover on the upper part of the turntable.

8. The launching system is sealed in the fuel tank below the main engine. It is an independent component, no pollution, easy to emit heat, and wear-resistant.

9. The powder suction device can suck powder in the tablet pressing room. 








Max.dia.of tablet(mm)


Max.Depth of fill(mm)


Max.Thickness of largest tablet(mm)


Production capacity(pcs/h)

34680(Double color)/ 69360(monochrome)

Turntable speed(r/min)



3/960, 380V/50

Overall size(mm)


Net weight(kg)


Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Press Machine

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