Automatic Rotary Tablet Press

Automatic rotary tablet press is a kind of equipment which can continuously press powder and granule into round, special-shaped and annular tablets. It is the first choice for pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, food and other enterprises for mass production, which meets the requirements of GMP production.
Max. Tablet Thickness(mm)6mm
Max. Tablet Diameter(mm)


Capacity (pcs/h)35000 pcs/h
Rotation Speed(rpm)30 rpm
Max. Pressure(KN)50 KN
Dimension(L*W*H)880 x750 x 1600mm
Weight (KG)500 KG
Power (KW)2.2KW
Applicable IndustriesFood & Beverage Factory, Food Shop, Pharmaceutical

Feature:1. The overall structure of the equipment is compact and reasonable, the frame is made of stainless steel, and the surface is specially polished to prevent cross infection and comply with GMP standards. 2. Equipped with a transparent window, which can observe the tableting process at any time. The window can be opened to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. 3. This machine has the characteristics of high pressure and wide range of tableting, which can be applied to the compression of conventional tablets and heterosexual tablets, especially suitable for the production of various varieties and small batches. 4. Equipped with pressure overload protection, implement safety assembly such as immediate shutdown after overload. 5. The transmission mechanism with no immersion lubrication is easy to dissipate heat and extend its service life.

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