Water-soluble Film Coating Machine

Water-soluble film coating machine Product description During run of film coating in the main machine, it shows such features as free dust flyoff, syrup splash, operation condition improvement, little cross contamination to tablets, simple coating process, shortening coating time as well as high...

Water-soluble film coating machine

Product description

During the film coating operation of the host, it has the characteristics of dust-free flying, syrup splashing, improved operating conditions, less cross-contamination of tablets, simple coating process, short coating time, and high production efficiency.

It is used to coat various tablets, pills and bubble gum with organic film, water-soluble film and sugar film. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and small footprint. It can be widely used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food and biopharmaceuticals to coat various tablets, pills and candies with organic membranes, water-soluble membranes and sugar membranes. .

main parameter

Technical parameters



Diameter of  coating drum

φ564  φ510  φ420

Coating pan Capacity

5 kg  3 kg   1 kg

Rotate speed of drum (R/Min)


Power of main motor


Power of air exhaust tank motor


Air flow of air exhaust tank


Power of hot air tank motor


Air flow of hot air tank


Equipment Size


Net Weight

750 kg

main features

1. Using the PLC module, you can set all operations, such as hot air temperature setting and control, drum adjustment and rotation, automatic control and negative pressure display, and other movie interfaces with just one touch of the touch key on the completely sealed computer control panel.

2. The machine can be cleaned freely, with reliable and stable performance. The streamlined guided mixer can drive the tablets so that the tablets rotate easily and smoothly without chipping and edge chipping, thereby increasing the output. The guide sheet has a narrow surface, which cannot adhere to the dressing, thereby saving dressing and improving the quality of the finished product.

3. The constant pressure variable track pump has the rotating radius of the pressure roller, the output syrup volume and the spray syrup volume are automatically controlled, the atomization is stable, the spray system is simplified, the dressing is saved, and it is easy to fully clean.

4. Special imported prayer gun, simple operation and control process requirements, uniform density, particle size, uniform atomization, large spray area, adjustable flow, no leakage, no blockage, no angle, no fan shape. The spray gun can be used until its head remains in the range of 0.29Mpa to 0.39Mpa. So far, it has been well received by users at home and abroad.

Coating Machine 

Coating Machine

Coating Machine

Coating Machine

Coating Machine

Coating Machine


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