Automatic Tablet Film Coating Machine For Pill

Product description BGB-5 High-efficiency coating machine is a special laboratory equipment which used for coating film on traditional Chinese and Western tablets and pills in pilot run.This equipment is manufactured according to the requirements GMP in pharmaceutical industry. The entire outer...

Product description

A wide variety of pharmaceutical products,  including pellets, granules, capsules, powders, and crystals are often film coated. In this present article, we will concentrate on the film coating of tablets.

The procedure of coating tablets is a complex process that results in the forming of a thin layer around the tablet. This layer is in the range of 20 to 200 μm in thickness, or around 1 to 9% of the initial weight of the tablet.  As a reference, a  human hair is usually around 100 μm thick, much like the typical thickness of an immediate release coating.

main parameter



Max.working volume for each drum

1L / 3L / 5L

Max Batch size based on tablet bulk density 0.6~0.8g/ml

0.5kg~4kg, with three

interchangeable coating drums

Speed adjusting range of coating drum (rpm)


HEPA Filter Class


Filtration accuracy of hot air ( m)

0.5 mm (100000 grade)

Max working air temperature (°C)


Motor power of main machine (kW)


Motor power of supply air machine (kW)


Motor power of exhaust air machine (kW)


Power of electric heating (kW)


Noise of Fan isolated1 meter by machine


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