Well Specialized Laboratory Mini Vacuum Spray Dryer Machine For Milk Coffee

Product description Spray Drying Machine Suitable for colleges & universities, research institutes, food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and laboratory to produce particles & powder, could be widely applied in all solution such as emulsion and suspending liquid,etc main...

Product description

Spray dryer is suitable for universities, research institutes, food, medicine, chemical industry, laboratories and other production of particles, powder materials, can be widely used in emulsions, suspensions and other solutions


main features

1. Imported efficient jet spray drying equipment.

2. LCD touch screen shows temperature, air flow, air pressure, pump speed and spray cleaning frequency.

3.Automatic control: a key switch, set the processing parameters, the peristaltic pump automatically starts; the screen shows the animation of the entire experimental process.

4. Using manual control, you can adjust the process parameters during the experiment.

5. The frequency can be automatically adjusted using a spray cleaner(stylet).

6. Power protection, press the off button, the device immediately stops running, in addition to the fan, to ensure that the device is not due to misuse(forced to close the fan)and burned.

7. Spray chamber, cyclone separator, receiving tank are made of transparent heat-resistant borosilicate glass; it creates a pollution-free environment for the drying process.All spare parts are easy to install and clean.

8. Built-in oil-free air compressor.Sound below 60db, in line with GMP standards.

9. Double flow atomization structure, the whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, compact structure, no equipment.

10. Using PID controller, heating temperature accuracy of±1℃.

11. The inlet unit is equipped with a filter to prevent contamination of the sample.

12. The self-priming peristaltic pump delivers the sample liquid from the container through a small diameter jet to the main chamber to avoid secondary contamination.Ensure the production process smoothly and smoothly.

13. Narrow particle size distribution, more than 95% of the dry powder are within the same particle range.

14. The automatic nozzle cleaner (nozzle)prevents nozzle clogging and allows for a variety of controls.

15. Innovative tower wall purge device for improved material recovery

main parameter



TP-S30   Spray Drying Machine

Max   capacity



Temperature   range of inlet air

30°C   -300°C



Temperature   range of outlet air

30°C ~   140°C

Precision   of temperature


Dryer   time


1.0 ~   1.5

Speed of   squirt pump



Spray   system


Centrifugal   nozzle/ two fluid nozzle, base on your needs

Spray direction


Downwards   co-current

Heat   source



Total   power


6KW 220V

Dried   powder restoring rate



Atomizer   speed







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