Vacuum Microwave Fruit Vegetable Drying Machine Low Temperature Energy Saving

Product description This machine is suitable for low temperature dry of thermal sensitive materials, especially for sold Chinese medicine, honey, bee products, etc. Adjustable vacuum is with this equipment and get high dry speed, it can advance more for product quality and get features of equal...

Product description

This machine is suitable for low temperature drying of heat-sensitive materials, especially for selling Chinese medicine, honey, bee products, etc. The equipment has the characteristics of adjustable vacuum degree, fast drying speed, improved product quality, uniform heating, convenient control and convenient installation. It is widely used in heat sterilization and tearing of medicine, biological products and molded products. It has a particularly excellent efficiency for drying various particles and granules. Similarly, this microwave vacuum dryer has the function of sterilization, and has the characteristics of adjustable power and intelligent control. Produce long-lasting, safe and hygienic products.

main features

1. High efficiency: The processing speed is 4 times of the ordinary drying processing speed.

2. Uniform heating: using microwave heating, heating the inside and outside of the raw materials at the same time. Then heating and drying will be very uniform.

3. Convenient control: adopt microwave heating, can work continuously. Moreover, the microwave power is easy to adjust without inertia, and the processing operation is simple and easy to control. All microwave data can be set through the touch screen.

4. Sterilization: The microwave equipment has the functions of sterilization, grease heating and cleaning. Therefore, the finished product has high quality and long storage time.

5. This machine is equipped with a camera to monitor production.

main parameter





Power Supply

380V 50hz Three phase (also can be required by   customer)

Working Frequency


Electronic Consumption


Micro Wave Power


Motor power


Evaporation Speed


Vacuum Rate


Micro Wave Leakage

Up to National Standard ≤5MW/CM2

Machine Size


Vacuum pump power


Temperature Range


Packaging Details

Wrapped by stretch Film with desiccant bags

Packed in to Export Standard Anti moisture Wooden case

Glued Marks label on wooden case


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