Cotton Inserting Machine

Cotton Inserting Machine

Artificial pull product loading to the edge of cotton roll. Machine can run automatically, Automatically into, snap, stuffing material pipe, go to the bottle mouth, into the bottle.

Working principle:

The equipment automatically places the bottle in the correct position, and when the positioning time reaches the parameter set on the PLC, the bottle is automatically replaced by the pneumatic system. Can realize fully automatic operation and include several times.

Cotton Inserting Machine

Main Technical Data:


Applicable bottle shape

bottle inner diameter is Φ25~φ70mm

Production capacity

50 bottles per minute(It depends on the length

Power supply

AC220V 50Hz 0.7kw

Overall dimension


Air pressure



Main features:

(1) High compatibility and adjustable height, suitable for various specifications, round, flat, square and flat square bottles;

(2) Detection Do not work without bottles, perform fault self-check, install cotton cloth and other warning detection alarm control functions as early as possible.

(3) The special cotton filling technology adopts pneumatic plug cotton to avoid the pollution of the machine to the material.

(4) Clean the suction device to ensure a clean working environment.

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