Automatic PLC Electronic Counting Machine

Automatic PLC Electronic Counting Machine

SED-32 Automatic Electronic counting machine is special for counting tablets, soft gelatin, hard capsule and chewing gums, etc.This machine adopts 32 sets imported counting sensor for counting with 32 Guiding Way and two head.

The advantage of the fully automatic PLC electronic counting machine is that there is no need to change the mold when changing the counting object, just adjust the height of the counting table through the Easy Adjust wheel. This machine is equipped with touch screen operation and PLC control, which is easy to operate.Counting Machine

Main Technical Data:

Model   Name



1.       Filled   capsule(00-5#)

2.       Soft   Gelatin capsule

3.       chewing   gum

4.       tablet

5.       other   solid object under machine range

Hopper   Volume



80   bottles/min

Filling   Quantity

100 pcs/bottle   (adjustable)

Bottle   Size

Diameter:   30-90mm


Counting   Size

Thickness:   3.5-10mm

Diameter:   3.5-15mm

Length:   3.5-30mm

Compressed   air


Conveyor   Belt Length


Machine   Weight


Machine   Size L × W × H (mm)

2200   × 1400 × 1680


1.   Chinese dialogue control panel, can store 10 ~ 20 group of species parameters, adjusted to facilitate the use of special;

2.   Fully automatic operation, with the Upper and Lower Union Road, intelligent control of processes, coordination, and no special operation, labor-saving devices.

3.   Low prices, especially for small-volume, variety and more manufacturers use.

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