Automatic Linear Style High Speed Capping Machine

The machine adopts three groups of friction rollers to screw caps. Screwed caps are not easily damaged by the screwing unit. And if caps are not screwed tightly or tilted, they will be found and rejected automatically.

Performance and characteristic:

The capping machine can be used for various bottles, and the conversion is quick and easy. The machine overturns the traditional capping method through electromagnetic oscillation, but in order to avoid noise pollution and reduce power consumption, the cap is arranged pneumatically. 

It also provides international brand PLC control, frequency conversion control and photoelectric control. The machine is equipped with a cover lifting device, and the discharge hopper has a large capacity, which reduces the discharge time and labor intensity.

Capping Machine

Main technical data:

Size of bottles:

20-300 ml


50-150 bottles/min

Diameter of caps:

φ20-65 mm

Diameter of bottles:

φ20-120 mm

Power supply:

220V 60Hz



Overall dimensions:

2600×800×1750 mm

Capping Machine

Capping Machine

Capping MachineCapping Machine

Capping Machine

Capping Machine

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