Rotary Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Rotary Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Rotary Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine Summary:MT-600 Rotary Ultra-high Speed Automatic Labeling Machine, in order to achieve rationalization of production target and design.

Rotary Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine


     The labeling machine has automatic labeling technology, simple operation, fast running speed, accurate labeling position and beautiful labeling. The machine can be used for labeling in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Bottle Labeling Machine

Main Technical Data:


300-600 bottles/min

Labeling speed


Labeling accuracy


The application   specification of label graze paper

Opaque label

The application of   bottle

Outer diameter   10-24mm Height 25-95mm

The application of   label

Width 20-70mm Length   25-80mm

The inner diameter   of label volume


The outer diameter   of label volume

Max. 350mm

Driving mode

Servo motor

The power of motor


Size appearance





AC 220V 50/60Hz   Single phase (according to the voltage in client country)

Labeling methods

The bottle is stand   into, stand paste, stand out


1. Connect or closely match before or after the optional part of the pipeline, and the turntable is expected to be used for product collection, sorting and packaging

2. The whole machine adopts the Siemens PLC control system with mature technology to make the whole machine stable and high-speed.

3. The operating system adopts touch screen control, which is simple, practical and efficient.

4. Rotating structure, super high speed, stable operation.

5. The artistic technology of the coding machine, the printed text is clear, fast and stable.

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