Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments Type Autoclave

Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments Type Autoclave Product description The autoclave is the key process equipment for the molding of polymer-based composite component products. The autoclave molding process is a molding process to seal the composite blank, the honeycomb sandwich structure, or the bonding structure with a vacuum bag on a mold,...

Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments Type Autoclave

Product description

Pressure steam sterilization equipment type autoclave is a key process equipment used to form polymer matrix composite parts. The autoclave molding process is a molding process in which the composite material blank, honeycomb sandwich structure or bonding structure is sealed on the mold with a vacuum bag under vacuum (or non-vacuum) conditions, and then placed in an autoclave.

Through the process of temperature increase, pressure increase, heat preservation (medium temperature or high temperature), pressure retention, temperature reduction and pressure relief, it becomes a product of the desired shape and quality state.

Currently, many courses offered by universities use autoclaves. There is a great demand for autoclaves in laboratories. Our company can customize special autoclaves according to the requirements of universities.

main features

Heating mode:

1.Heat conduction oil heating

2.Steam direct heating

3.Electrically heated air

4.Electrically heated steam

Door opening mode:




4.Various types of vulcanization tank and quick-opening door safety interlocking devices can be provided separately.

Sealing mode:

Inflatable silicone seal rings are used for tank door flanges which is simple and convenient to maintain and the sealing effect is obviously better than other methods with more than 2 years of service life.

Safety chain mode:

1.Pressure automatic safety interlock

2.Manual safety chain

Temperature control mode:

It uses double layer external insulation, saving thirty percent of energy consumption than ordinary insulation.

Pressure control mode:

(1) Pressure in vulcanization tank is automatically controlled by pneumatic corner valve.

(2) Set up manual valve for easy manual control.

(3) Set up another set of disc pressure gauge.

(4) The tank body is designed with two flanged open safety valves, which can be opened automatically after the designed pressure is reached.

Time control mode:

After setting working procedure, heating/keep-heating time and vulcanization time all will be automatically controlled.

Loading mode:

Two rails in tank, using national standard guide rail.

main parameter

No. item material

1 dished head carbon steel Q345R

2 tank carbon steel Q345R

3 flange forged carbon steel

4 safety interlocking device (pressure automatic)

5 track carbon or stainless steel

6 manual door opening device

7 saddle carbon steel Q235B

8 High temperature and high pressure fan ventilator air or water cooling

9 thermal insulation head carbon steel Q235B

10 Insulation material (double layer) aluminum silicate cotton

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