Powder Blending Machine

Powder Blending Machine

Materials are charged into a closed square-cone mixing barrel, the symmetrical axes of hopper and the axes of rotating shaft form an included angle, materials with different constituents are strenuously rolling over in the closed hopper and producing high shear to achieve the best effect of mixing.

Put the materials into a closed square cone mixing barrel. The symmetry axis of the hopper and the axis of the rotating shaft form an angle. 

The materials with different compositions are rolled vigorously in the closed hopper, and high shear force is generated to achieve the maximum Good results. mixing.

Powder Blending Machine



Barrel capacity(L)


Max loading capacity(L)


Speed of driving shaft(r/min)


Motor power(kw)


overall dimensions(mm)


Total weight(kg)


Powder Blending Machine

Powder Blending Machine

Powder Blending Machine

Powder Blending Machine

Powder Blending Machine

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