Pharmaceutical Medicine 2 Nozzles Liquid Mixing Filling Machine

The eyedrop monobloc of filling machine(5 in 1) consist of four main units including unscrambler, conveyor, air washer, monobloc of filling plugging and capping unit.

Product Description

The eyedrop monobloc of filling machine(5 in 1) consist of four main units including unscrambler, conveyor, air washer, monobloc of filling plugging and capping unit. The machine is mainly used to accomplish bottle unscrambling, conveying, air washing, dosage discharging, plug & cap placing, The entire production process is protected under laminar flow H14 and aseptic isolation cover, which isolate all working area and keep eyedrops product be filled under aseptic environment. the regional isolation protection to ensure that the eye drops sterile production. The whole machine meet the requirements of GMP version 2010. The production line is also suitable for the production of other similar plastic bottle.



Applicable bottle type

round bottle or flat bottle

Applicable bottle capacity

5-50ml Eyedrop type plastic bottle

Product capacity


Loading error


Pass rate



220V 50Hz; other power supply can be customized

Compressed air pressure

15m3/h 0.6~0.8MPa

Total weight


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Efficient Energy-Saving Effect

Unique unscramble bottle, washing, filling, plug, cap on multi-function equipment design, the production line occupy small space, minimizing the purification space, greatly reduce the cost of production. The equipment running extensive use mechanism, electricity, pneumatic elements integrated PLC control system, improve the stability of the equipment running, and greatly improve the rate of qualified products. With energy efficient inverter, the motor to achieve variable speed, greatly save energy. The extensive use of high-performance POM material contact parts and packaging materials, high temperature, wear-resistant, self-lubricating performance, can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the moving process; reduce the replacement of wearing parts. The device has a switching program. Specifications adjustment adjust some orbital altitude can reduce the human adjustment, cleaning and replacement specifications. Low starting current, starting torque, high power factor of the entire speed range. Safe, reliable, trustworthy products  As a result of the machine, electric, air-integrated PLC control system, run safe and reliable, low failure rate, operation and maintenance costs low. Has automatic overload protection, the faulty automatic shutdown, the electrical part of the fault in the man-machine interface display. The device has a switching program specifications can be realized adjustments to avoid man-made pollution equipment operating environment, effective aseptic operation Quarantine. Linear action, not disordered laminar flow protection, effective sterile production process. Inverted bottle removed, no bottle shutdown protection, waiting for boot, no plug no cap of substandard products excluded, counting, and before and after the machine automatically interlock protection.

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