Multi Direction Mixing Machine

Multi Direction Mixing Machine

This machine is consist of mainframe,cylinder,stirring system,cutting system,cylinder cover,discharge device,electrical control system,water system and so on.


      The mixing barrel of the machine moves in multi-direction. For the materials, there is no centrifugal function, without the specific gravity segregation and the layer division. For each of build-up phenomenon, there is the remarkable weight rate. The mixing rate is up to 100%.The machine is the desired product in various mixers at present.

The barrel material charge rate is big. The Maximum rate can be up to 90%(the common mixer has only 40% charge rate).It is high in efficiency and short in the mixing time.

The barrel uses the curve connection. The barrel has passed the fine polish treatment. The machine is used for mixing the powder state and grain state materials with the high uniformity in the pharmacy, chemical, food, light-industry, electronic, mechanical, metallurgical, nation defense industries and other science and technology institutes.


Main Technical Data and Quotation:




Barrel   capacity(L)



Max loading   capacity(L)



Max loading   capacity(KG)



Speed of driving   shaft(r/min)



Motor power(kw)



overall   dimensions(mm)



Total weight(kg)





With the driving of main shaft, the loading body will parallel move, rotate and roll again and again to make the materials to do the three-direction combined motion (circle, radial and axial direction) along the wall. So that to realize the mutual flow, diffusion, accumulation and adulteration of many kinds of materials. Finally achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

Usage and Feature:  

  It is used for the high uniformity mixing of powder, granular materials in the industries such as pharmacy, chemical, food, light industry, electron, machine, mining and metallurgy, national defense and research units,

  The mixing tube is moved with multi-direction. Materials are out of centrifugal force and no gravity segregation and accumulation. Each component can be of intervallic weight ratio and the mixing ratio could be above 99.9%. So it will be the more ideal mixer.

  The loading capacity of tube is large which could be largest 80% (ordinary mixer only be 40%). It features high efficiency, short mixing time.

  All parts in the tube is circular arc with precision polishing.

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