Medical Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer Equipment

Medical Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer Equipment Product description The product uses saturated steam to rapidly and efficiently sterilize articles.It can be used in hospitals,public health centers,healthstations,clinicsin factories and mines,scientific research institutes,etc,to sterilize medical...

Medical Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer Equipment

Product description

Medical portable pressure steam sterilizer equipment uses saturated steam to quickly and effectively sterilize items. It can be used in hospitals, public health centers, medical stations, factories and mine clinics, scientific research institutions, etc., to sterilize medical equipment, surgical drugs, glassware, solutions and substrates. It can also be used as cooking utensils in plateau areas and produce high-quality drinking water for industrial and mining companies.

1. The cover is equipped with a safety valve and an exhaust valve. When the steam pressure exceeds 0.16MPa, the safety valve will automatically release the excessive pressure. It has dual safety functions and is safe and reliable to use. The cover is also equipped with a pressure gauge, which has MPa and temperature readings, which is convenient for users to use.

2. This product can also use liquefied petroleum gas and coal-fired furnace as heat energy. The product is heated by an immersion electric heating tube.

3. The container and barrel are made of 0Gr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, which has the functions of anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-rust.  

main parameter


Technical    Data



sterilizing   volume



working pressure


working   temperature


temperature   adjust range


timer range


Max. safety   pressure


heat average



  AC220V.50Hz   / 2KW


410×410×520    mm

410×410×630    mm

G. W / N. W

18/16 KG

20/18 KG

main features

1. Fully stainless steel structure.

2.Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure.

3.Indicator light indicates working state.

4.Double scale indication pressure gauge.

5.Time scope:0~60min.

6.Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization.

7.Electric heated.

8.Easy to operate,safe and reliable.

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