Medical Chemical Food Metallurgical Mixing Machine

Medical Chemical Food Metallurgical Mixing Machine

The mixer is used for mixing the dry material grains in the medical, chemical, food, metallurgical and other industries.


The mixing barrel structure is unique. The mixing efficiency is high. There is no corner that can not be reached. The barrel uses the stainless steel and its internal and external walls are polished. The outside appearance is beautiful. The mixing is uniform, with wide application. The mixer meets GMP standard.

Model Name


Total Volume


Working Capacity


Material Fed in Time


Mixing Time


Stirring Speed


Motor Power


Total Weight2040kgs


1. It is used to mix the dry-powder, granular materials with good liquidity.

2. It consists of two asymmetric cylinders. The materials can flow as vertical and horizontal direction. The mixing uniformity will be above 99%.

3. It adopts vacuum feeding under sealing state. There’s no driving structure inside and be clean, no dead corner in according with GMP standard.


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