Automatic Front&Back sides Labeling Machine

MT-300 model labeling machine suits for label on the front and back sides of different kinds objects, such as round bottle, flat bottle, square bottle, cans, jars, carton and so on.


The MT-300 labeling machine is suitable for labeling on the front and back of various objects such as round bottles, flat bottles, square bottles, cans, cans, and cartons.

Labeling Machine

Main Technical Data:




Driving Mode

Step motor

Operating   direction

Left or Right



Conveyor speed(m/min)


Labeling Accuracy

±1.0 mm

Label application

Adhesive sticker, opaque   label

The inner diameter of   label roll

76 mm

The outer diameter of   label roll

350 mm(max)

The application of label

Height: 15-300 mm  length 15-300   mm

The application of label objects

Can customizing

Printer use air

5kg/cm ²



Voltage (In China)

AC220V  50/60HZ Single side

(Can   customized as buyer need)



Machine size(mm)

2400(L) 1300(W) 1500(H)mm

Device Characteristic

1. Using mature technology PLC control system, stable and high-speed operation

2. Using touch screen man-machine interface operating system, simple and efficient;

3. The upgraded disc label station design is also suitable for conical flasks and flasks.

4. The synchronization chain mechanism ensures smooth and accurate labeling.

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