Bean Drying Machine Milk Powder Green Tea Dryer Machine

Bean Drying Machine Milk Powder Green Tea Dryer Machine

We can manufacture the Non-standard equipment according to the requirement of customers

Product Description

 Used to dry and sterilize powdered solid, granule, fiber splicing or colloid foodstuff, additive, condiment, medicine, health products, special local agriculture side products, dehydrated vegetables, bean powder, oatmeal, fast noodles, rice powder, chicken essence, tea leaves, tobacco; the maturation, baking and puffing of beef jerky, sunflower seeds, little walnuts, potato chips, fish and shrimp chips; the sterilization and preserving of liquid tonic taken orally, leisure snacks, fractional package meat stuff, vegetable powder, pickles, celery seeds, bean-made products; to eliminate the fishy smell of broad beans, rapeseeds; to dry silkworm cocoons; to heat and sterilize fast food.



Power Supply

380V 50hz Three phase (also can be required by customer)

Working Frequency


Electronic Consumption


Micro Wave Power


Machine Weight


Evaporation Speed


Vacuum Rate


Micro Wave Leakage

Up to National Standard ≤5MW/CM2

Machine Size


Sterilization Capacity

10 — 20

Temperature Range


Packaging Details

Packed in to Export Standard Anti moisture Wooden case

Glued Marks label on wooden case

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