Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine Without Electromagnetic Pollution

The product is mainly designed to all kinds of PET plastic, iron, aluminum and paper cans and other round-bottle sealing applications. With an advanced design, reasonable structure and easy operation, it is the ideal packaging equipment in food, pharmaceutical, tea and chemical industries.

The machine's intermediate frequency power supply makes the effective output power very large, and the output current is adjustable. It will also automatically track changes in the current load and make adjustments in time.

If there is no bottle in the designated position, it will stop automatically to save power. The machine can be used for all kinds of bottles.

The special sealed induction board is completely shielded, no electromagnetic pollution, and its safety is better than high-frequency power supply.

The coding system of the machine adopts built-in water circulation to save water and reduce water pollution; it also has a pressurizing system, which has good cooling conditions, short adhesion time, strong sealing and high stability.

Even if the mouth of the bottle is wetted by a variety of liquids, the machine can still be sealed perfectly.

If there is no water, the machine will sound an alarm. In addition, certain mechanisms can protect the machine from overcurrent, overvoltage and undervoltage damage.

It also has the function of continuous counting and automatic rejection of bottle caps without aluminum foil. The product meets the requirements of GMP. 

Sealing Machine

Bottle Size30-5000g
Diameter of capssmaller 90mm
Height of bottle300mm
Power Supply220V 60Hz
Overall Dimensions1300*780*1750mm


Q1:Are You A Factory or A Trading Company
A: We Provided Perfect OEM and After-sale Service.

Q2:Where is Your Factory? How Can I Visit Your Factory?
A:Our Factory is Located on HangZhou Zhejiang Province. We Are Warmly Welcom You Visit Our Factory if You Have a Travel Plan

Q3:Can You Send Me the Video To Show The Machine Works?
A:Certainly, We Have Made Video of Every Machine

Q4:How Can I Know Your Machine Is Designed For My Product
A:You Can Send Us Samples of Your Product and We Test It On Machine

Q5:How Can I Pay My Order?
A:Usually We Accept L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Cash Paying Methods

Q6:Do you Have a Ce Certificate?
A:For Every Model of Machine, It Has a CE Certificated

Q7:What about install?
A. Our engineers will be sent according to your project.However,the customer will pay the economic air tickets round trip and arrange the accommodation for them.

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