Hanger Filter Coffee Sachet Packing Machine

Hanger Filter Coffee Sachet Packing Machine

The antibiotic bottle filling machine is the main equipment of the powder production line. The main working principle adopts a stepping motor to control the screw powder feeding driving coil, so as to accurately control the required volume of the raw material powder and pack it into the antibiotic glass bottle, and cover the rubber stopper.

Product Description

The main equipment of the powder production line is an antibiotic bottle filling machine. Its main working principle is to use a stepping motor to control the screw powder feeding drive coil to accurately control the amount of raw material powder required, and put it into the antibiotic glass bottle, and cover the rubber stopper.

Then the bottle is conveyed by double rails, filled with twin screws, and the double rails automatically enter the stopper and stopper process; ensure that the net weight of the antibiotic powder packaged in the bottle is strictly controlled within the specified error range of the process. Its main structure consists of a bottle body, a twin-screw dispensing head, a stopper plate, a stopper plate, a cork pressing mechanism, an indexing plate conveying mechanism, a driving mechanism and a control system.



Bottle size


Power supply

220V 50Hz



Equipped with vacuum: pressure

6*10-2Mpa volume: 14m3 /h

Single noise


The bottle breaking rate

≤ 0.1%

Plug the qualified rate


Loading error







1g 60vials/min

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antibiotic bottle filling machine


Bottle in and out of the bottle mouth: enter the bottle and bottle conveyor parts from the turntable, transfer it to the buffer bottle dial of antibiotic finishing, after the bottle is stopped by the conveyor belt, use the stopper to fix the bottle dial head is pulled out from the conveyor belt : It has a stepper motor, screws, pink bucket, pink cup; agitator and anti-metal chip automatic controller.

The stepping motor is controlled by a microcomputer, which can precisely control the packaging volume of the stepping motor. At the same time, a spiral hopper is used to control the powder through a variable-speed motor to ensure that the powder level remains constant.

It also has an electronic automatic monitoring function. For foreign objects such as metal fragments, it can automatically stop and display the vibration plate and diaphragm mechanism of the fault plug: rely on the oscillation frequency to sweep and distribute the funnel rubber, and hold your hand intermittently at the end of the track.

Powder Filling Machine

Powder Filling Machine

Powder Filling Machine

Powder Filling Machine

Powder Filling Machine


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