Glass Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine

Glass Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine

This series of products is the latest development of our company's new type of wash-free ampoule wire drawing filling machine.

Product Description

  This series of products is the latest development of our company's new type of wash-free ampoule wire drawing filling machine. It is an upgraded product of ordinary ampoule wire drawing filling machine. In addition to some characteristics of ordinary ampoule wire-drawing filling machine, such as using chain and rectangular transmission ampoule (conveying chain is full aluminum alloy instead of the original plastic parts, the service life is greatly improved), it can stop the transmission of ampoules without stopping the machine, and it also uses pre-heating opening system to realize the filling of wash-free ampoules; the machine adopts all-imported brand frequency conversion and rectangular transmission ampoule. Peristaltic pump and PLC touch screen control system can conveniently control and understand the running speed, output and filling quantity of the whole machine according to the performance of the product. The main parts of the whole control system are imported configuration, stable and reliable. 

  In addition, the new imported linear guide pair is used to replace the original support guide pair, so that the gear plate transmission is more stable, reliable and durable. There are 12 filling heads in position, which can meet the requirements of filling compressed air and nitrogen before and after filling (the gas valve is a new type of gas flowmeter instead of the original needle valve, the gas regulation is more stable, convenient and intuitive); the whole machine runs smoothly in and out of bottles, and the qualified rate of finished products is high. 

  The frame of this product is 304 material and 304 hairline board is outsourced at the same time. It adopts groove bending and water cutting technology. The appearance of the whole machine is sharp and beautiful. All control switches and frequency converters are located in the stainless steel control box on the upper right of the machine, which is safe and convenient.


1980 *980 *1500 (2200) mm




1-2ml: 100-120 branches/min, 5ml:90 branches/min

Dosage of combustion-supporting oxygen


Fuel and dosage

pipeline gas 5m3/h LPG 2.0kg/h

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