Gelatin Capsule Making Machine Filling

The blister packing machine is designed for pharmaceutical, nutritional, food, chemical industries.

Product Description

The blister packing machine is designed for pharmaceutical, nutritional, food,    chemical industries. It has the function of packaging, detecting, rejecting. It adopts PLC control system, touch screen interface, frequency converter system,      which makes the machine running more stably and enhancs the machine life time. The machine can use ALU-PVC, ALU-ALU, PVC-PAPER material for blister packaging. It      meets GMP standard.


Punching Frequency


10-50 t/min


10-25 t/min

Output Capacity


1000-6000 pcs/h


1000-3000 pcs/h

Driving Length

30-110 mm

Max. Forming Area

150×100×25 mm

Air Consumption

≥0.4 m³/min

Forming Film

160×(0.1-0.5) mm

Sealing Foil

160×(0.02-0.04) mm




6.5 KW


1500 KG

Dimension (mm)


1. The travel scope is adjustable, and the mold is located in the groove for easy  mold change. 2. Automatic feeding system, the mold and feeder can be designed based on different products. 3. It can use easy tearing line pressing device, batch printing device, waste   collecting and eye mark tracing device. 4. The heating molds separate automatically when the machine stopped, which protect the packaging material and increased the machine life time.

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