Fruits Vegetables Pharmaceutical Vacuum Mini Freeze Dryer Machine

Household freeze-drying equipment, also known as household-type freeze dryer, home freeze dryer, is a small vacuum freeze dryer. Apply to the family, online shop a small amount of freeze-dried use, widely adapted to fruits, meat, vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines, health products, etc.

Fruits Vegetables Pharmaceutical Vacuum Mini Freeze Dryer Machine

Product Parameter


mini freeze drying machine

Overall size WxDxH

710 * 800 *1130mm

Energy consumption


Power supply

220V 50HZ

Food tray area


Single batch of food


Tray size


No. of tray


Space between tray


Gross weight


Condenser temperature


Drying temperature

-30°C ~+60°C



Products Description

Household freeze drying equipment, also known as household freeze dryer, is a household freeze dryer and a small vacuum freeze dryer. It is suitable for freeze-drying in households and online stores in small quantities, and it is widely used for freeze-drying fruits, meat, vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines, and health products.

Freeze Dryer Machine


De-watering vegetable, particle feed gourmet powder, shredded coconut stuffing, organic color, compound rubber, acral fiber, medicine material, small wooden product, plastic product, aging and solidification for the electronic component and device. 

Freeze Dryer Machine


Lyophilization or freeze drying is a process in which water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum, allowing the ice to change directly from solid to vapor without passing through a liquid phase. The process consists of three separate, unique, and interdependent processes; freezing, primary drying (sublimation), and secondary drying (desorption).


1. Perfect appearance, small size;

2. Touch screen operation, one-key start, and automatic freeze-drying process, easy and convenient;

3. The key components are imported brands, with low noise, large capacity, high quality and good performance;

4. Advanced system, low working current, low energy consumption;

5. 304 stainless steel food tray and inner container, safe and easy to clean;

6. Transparent organic glass door, can directly observe food processing

Details Images

Freeze Dryer Machine


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