Closed Circulation Fluid Bed Dryer

The main machine of the equipment adopts the bag pulse dust removal system, which has high dust removal efficiency.

Product description

The equipment adopts a fully closed structure. It is filled with nitrogen inside it, so that burning or oxidization cannot occur because there is no oxygen in the gas when it is used to dry anaerobic materials or materials that contain inflammable and explosive solvents, and fire or explosion accident can be effectively avoided when the equipment is used for production. Therefore, it is safer than ordinary equipment.

The main machine of the equipment adopts the bag pulse dust removal system, which has high dust removal efficiency. The dust does not stick to the filter cartridge, which is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. The whole-machine back blowing technology(patented technology) is adopted to carry out whole-machine back flowing of the equipment after drying by the equipment is completed. With thorough dust removal, the bag cleaning frequency of the equipment that uses this technology has been extended from cleaning every 1-2 days to cleaning every 12-15 days.

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Fluid bed drying equipment

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Main features

● Environmental protection

After drying by the equipment, the hot and humid air that contains solvents will enter the condenser, which condenses the solvents in the gas. ( The solvent recovery rate is above 95%.) The solvents can be recovered and the gas can be condensed, dehumidified and dried. The recovered solvents can be used repetitively, so that costs are saved, and no tail gas emissions will be generated to cause environmental pollution.

● Energy conservation

When the equipment works, the internal air pressure required is low, and just micro positive pressure is enough. Therefore the power of the fan used in the equipment is reduced Because under positive pressure the hot air is blown upwards from the bottom of the hopper mesh board and has strong penetrating power, the hot air contacts the materials more sufficiently and the drying speed is higher, although the material is not high. While the fan power is reduced, the equipment noise becomes lower and energy is saved.

● Broad spectrum

After the hot and humid air inside the equipment is condensed and dehumidified, the absolute humidity inside the gas is low and the drying capacity becomes stronger, making it more suitable for hygroscopic materials sensitive to humid environments.

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