Durian Herb Mixed Cycle Drying Machines

Used to dry and sterilize powdered solid, granule, fiber splicing or colloid foodstuff, additive, condiment, medicine, health products, special local agriculture side products, dehydrated vegetables, bean powder, oatmeal, fast noodles, rice powder, chicken essence, tea leaves, tobacco

Product Description

    Ripening, baking and puffing of beef jerky, sunflower seeds, small walnuts, potato flakes, fish and shrimp flakes; oral tonic liquid, casual snacks, snack packaged meat, vegetable powder, pickles, celery seeds, soy products Preservation; Eliminate the fishy smell of broad beans and rapeseed; Dry silkworm cocoons; Heat and disinfect fast food.

Model & spec.


Drying quantity per time (kg)


Power of blower fan (kw)


Consumed steam(L/min)


Drying cart (pcs)


Drying pan(pcs)


Machine Size (mm)


Upper and lower temp. difference


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