Cosmetic Oil Liquid Capsule Filling Machine

SED-300YJ automatic capsule liquid filler processes the products for optimal productivity up to 18000 capsules per hour, featuring low-maintenance operation, minimal downtime, and overall dependable production.

Cosmetic Oil Liquid Capsule Filling Machine

Product Description

   The SED-300YJ automatic capsule liquid filling machine can process products and produce at the best productivity of up to 18,000 capsules per hour. It has the characteristics of low maintenance costs, short downtime and reliable production. 

The capsule from the shelter is fed into the orienting device along the vertical rail. Then transfer them to a special unit on the rotor. Here, after the bottom reaches the filling position, the capsule is separated. After filling the bottom with the material, discard the unseparated capsules at the next position, then connect the filled bottom with the top, count and take it out into the receiving box.



Production Speed

18000 Capsules Per Hour





Power Supply

380/220V 50/60Hz Three Phase

Total Power


No. of segment bores

6 pcs


120m3/h  0.04-0.08Mpa



Filling Accuracy



An oily liquid, a solution, a suspension or a paste

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Capsule Filling Machine

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