Cod-liver Oil Soft Gelatin Soft Gel Capsule Filling Machine

Soft gel encapsulation machine can quantificational inject the oil, mixing suspension and pasty mass into the capsule to form all kinds of soft gel encapsulation with different size, shape and color. Because of the merits of high speed disintegration, easy to oral, hard to oxygenation, easy to store and take, the soft gel encapsulation is welcomed by more and more customers.

Cod-liver Oil Soft Gelatin Soft Gel Capsule Filling Machine

Product Description

The cod liver oil gelatin soft capsule filling machine can quantitatively mix oil, suspension and paste into the capsule to form various soft capsules with various sizes, shapes and colors. Due to its rapid disintegration, easy oral administration, difficult oxygenation, and easy storage and consumption, soft capsules have become more and more popular with customers.

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Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule Filling Machine

The packaging rate of capsules is as high as 98%. The gelatin strips are lubricated by fine oil supply technology to reduce the consumption of lubricating oil. The ribbon is lubricated by vegetable oil, so the made capsule does not need to be cleaned. 

The high-quality capsule conveying equipment adopts the food conveyor belt authorized by the US FDA, which is non-toxic, non-adsorption and easy to clean. The optimized design mold is made of high-quality aviation alloy materials and is made by high-precision numerical control processing to ensure the service life of the mold. 

Advanced technology and assembly technology make the quality of the equipment completely stable, the work efficiency is high and the pellet shape is good. The use of automated capsules and material supply system engineering reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves the working environment, and meets GMP requirements. The liquid level in the gelatin box is automatically fixed at a constant position, and the Celsius matrix shows the thickness of the rubber, which is easy and accurate to adjust. 

The main motor power is 1.5KW, which can avoid insufficient driving power when the content is too thick (such as 185 type). Bring non-toxic materials to the human body or drop the substance into the contact parts of the liquid medicine and liquid medicine and gelatin in the machine. 


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