Carbonated Soft Drinking Liquid Bottle Filling Capping Machine

Delicate machine structure and finish comparable to European machines.

Product Description

 1.Delicate machine structure and finish comparable to European machines.

2.While changing volume set, all pistons can be controlled by the servo system.Gentle touch on the touch screen can easily change the volume set.There's no need to adjust the piston one by one and mechanically.        

3. Digital control system to enable multiple fling process on the same bottles for double, tiple and more fling volume.  

4.Adjustable speed while fling process, for example filling slowly at the beginning, then accelerate to fast speed and at the end slow down once again which is the best insurance for the foamy product and avoid liquid dipping out from the bottle. 


6. Setings storage capacity for easy setup 

7.Filling range:20-100ml 8.Filling head: 4 nozzle




Applicable bottle type

round bottle or flat bottle

Applicable bottle capacity


Product capacity

20-30 bottles / minute

Loading error

≤ ± 1%

Pass rate



220V 50Hz; other power supply can be customized

Compressed air pressure

0.4-0.6MPa; dosage 10-25L/min

Total weight



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