Automatic Suppository Production Line

Automatic Suppository Production Line

SED-3SJ Automatic Suppository Production Line is suitable for the products of special shape such as bullet head, torpedo shape and duck bill. (Also can customize according to your specifications) The equipment adopts PLC programmable control and man-machine interface operation, easy operation, convenient adjustment, accurate temperature control and smooth operation.

Simple Introduction:

SED-3SJ automatic suppository production line is suitable for products with special shapes such as bullet, torpedo, duckbill and so on. (It can also be customized according to your requirements)

  The machine runs smoothly, with correct temperature control, simple operation and convenient adjustment, and adopts PLC control system and man-machine interface operation.

  The equipment uses temperature sensors and a microcomputer control system to achieve high-precision constant temperature control.

The liquid storage tank of the machine has the functions of heat preservation and heating, proper amount, and accurate temperature control; the liquid storage tank is equipped with a mixing device to ensure the uniformity of the liquid. In order to meet the filling requirements, the storage tank can be connected with the pipeline and the filling mechanism to maintain the liquid circulation and ensure the fluidity of the liquid.

The plug-in linear perfusion mechanism can be used for accurate positioning, no falling, no hanging; single grain measurement is 0.5-5ml, and the filling error is ±2%.

With continuous cooling design, the suppository shell can be completely cooled after infusion and realize liquid-solid conversion.

Continuous peeling, continuous sealing, and self-printing of the batch number of the sealing process; the sealing strip should be well sealed and neat in appearance, with a good value of not less than 99.99%.

Suppository Production Line

Main Technical Data:    


Automatic suppository production line




5,000—6,000 pcs/h

single dosage


Dosage allowed


Packaging Film

PVCPE  (thickness0.15-0.18mm)

Stirring tank capacity


Air pressure


Air consumption/min


Water consumption/h

50kg (recycling)

Working voltage

3 phase 380V

total power


Adopt forming shapes

Bullet, torpedo and duck shapes and other shapes

Machine Weight


Adapt Material

Synthetic fatty acid glycerol, glycerin gelatin, polyethylene glycol   etc

Each distance of suppository


Overall dimensions


Suppository Production Line

Suppository Production Line

Suppository Production LineSuppository Production Line

Suppository Production Line

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