automatic desiccant inserting filling machine

automatic desiccant inserting filling machine

Automatic desiccant filling and packing inserter machine Product description The bottle holder cylinder on the track of the bottle conveying mechanism will hold the bottle transferred by the upper equipment in the position of filling desiccant, waiting for filling desiccant, and the bottle mouth...

Product description

The automatic desiccant plug-in filling machine keeps the bottle transferred by the upper device in the position of the desiccant, waits for the injection of the desiccant, and the bottle mouth is aligned with the cutting mechanism. 

The stepper motor drives the bag delivery, pulls the desiccant bag from the desiccant bag rack, the color standard sensor desiccant bag and controls the length of the bag, scissors, cuts the desiccant bag, the bottle, the bottle conveying mechanism of the conveyor belt dryer At the same time that the bottle is transported to the next device, the desiccant is added to the position where the desiccant bag is filled in the bottle.

inserting filling machine

main parameter


Applicable bottle type

· Round, flat, square, flat square bottle


· Desiccant bag

· Tray desiccant bag, specific size according to the size of the bottle


production capacity



Power supply and power

AC220V 50HZ 0.5KW


Air source



Overall dimensions





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