Auto Pill Capsule Tablet Coating Equipment For Pharmeceutical Machinery

Product description During run of film coating in the main machine, it shows such features as free dust flyoff, syrup splash, operation condition improvement, little cross contamination to tablets, simple coating process, shortening coating time as well as high production efficiency etc. Used...

Product description

During the coating process, the coating machine has no dust and syrup splash, improves operating conditions, has low cross-contamination of tablets, simple coating process, shortens coating time, and high production efficiency.

It is suitable for the coating of organic film, water-soluble film, sugar film and other tablets, pills, sugar powder, etc. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and small footprint. It can be widely used in pharmacy, food, biology and medicine. 

Tablet Coating Equipment

main parameter

Technical parameters



Diameter   of  coating drum

φ564    φ510  φ420

Coating   pan Capacity

5 kg    3 kg   1 kg

Rotate   speed of drum (R/Min)


Power of   main motor


Power of   air exhaust tank motor


Air flow   of air exhaust tank


Power of   hot air tank motor


Air flow   of hot air tank


Equipment Size


Net Weight

750 kg


main features

1. Through the PLC module, press the touch button on the computer control panel to close the micro-touch film interface to complete the setting and control of the hot air temperature, the adjustment of the number of drums, automatic control and negative pressure display.

2. The machine can be cleaned freely, and its performance is reliable and stable. The streamline-oriented mixer drives the tablets to rotate conveniently, smoothly, without debris, and the edges are broken, which improves the output of the tablets. The guide surface is narrow, and the material is not sticky, which saves the amount of fuel and improves the quality of the finished product.

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