10ml Liquid Filling And Sealing Machine

SED-4/1GXNGX fully automatic filler-capper minimized the opportunity of adjustment and enable the highest production efficiency which is suitable for pharmaceutical,food and beverage, cosmetics, detergents and petrochemical indus-tries and more. SED-4/1NGX is your best choice of filing & capping solution.

10ml Liquid Filling And Sealing Machine

Product Description

The SED-4/1GXNGX10ml liquid filling and sealing machine minimizes adjustment opportunities and achieves the highest production efficiency. It is suitable for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, detergent and petrochemical industries. SED-4/1NGX is the best choice for filing and capping solutions.

Kind of bottle

Various kinds of plastic/glass bottle

Bottle size

Min. Ø 20mm Max. Ø80mm

Kind of cap

Alternative Screw on cap, alum. ROPP cap

Cap size

Ø 20~ Ø45mm

Filing nozzles




Alternative Filling volume*


Filling accuracy



220V 50/60Hz 1.2kw

Compress air require

10L/min, 4~6bar

Machine size mm

Length 2500, width 1000, height 1600

Machine weight


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Liquid Filling And Sealing Machine

Liquid Filling And Sealing Machine

Liquid Filling And Sealing Machine


1. Easy to install, simple to operate and requires minimal maintenance to achieve the best performance and long machine life.

2. Integrated digital control and PLC and touch screen control, easy to operate. All movements are controlled by high-tech Panasonic servo system.

3. It is protected by a safety protective cover to comply with strict safety restrictions.

4. Rugged conveyor system, driven by high-quality motors. Adjustable conveyor guide rails to adapt to different products.

5. Anti-drip design makes the conveyor surface clean and the finished product is perfect

6. No bottle and no filling system.

7. Check whether the bottle is blocked.

8. Positioned by the star wheel. It will automatically stop when there is no bottle or the position is incorrect.

9. Fully adjustable, suitable for different bottles with different star wheels and capping heads.

10. Adjustable electronic torque value can eliminate damage to the cover and reduce blade wear.

11. When changing the volume setting, all pistons can be controlled by the servo system. A soft touch on the touch screen can easily change the volume setting. There is no need to mechanically adjust the piston again and again.

12. The speed during the deflation process is adjustable, such as filling slowly at the beginning, then accelerating to fast, and finally slowing down again. This is the best insurance for foam products to avoid liquid leaching from the bottle.

Liquid Filling And Sealing Machine

Liquid Filling And Sealing Machine

Liquid Filling And Sealing Machine

Liquid Filling And Sealing MachineLiquid Filling And Sealing Machine

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